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It's a place where
I get creative

Let's dive in!

I have helped many people
and companies shine in the digital world.

Countries my clients
are coming from:

p.s. + Malaysia (it couldn't fit on the map)

From my studio
Germany, Croatia, Sweden, France, Malaysia.



Video Editing

Professional video editing and 3D animation created in leading computer programs.


in every aspect.

Only screen

is the limit.

My screen

during the day looks something like this:

for you.

Where do I work? How does my setup look like?


my desk setup here and see it yourself:

*scanned with LiDAR camera

Software I use the most

I'm a freelancer.
Which means I can help you too!

Different angles and perspectives are what I like to look at.

Whether it’s the shiny new type of web design or a crazy good-looking angle from camera,

I like to experiment and create really creative digital content.

Given the fact that I work as a freelancer, you can hire me anytime from anywhere!

Even if you live across the world. Internet is all we need to communicate and turn your ideas into reality.

Quick respond-time

When you contact me, you won't need to wait several business days to get an answer like it's the case with agencies.

One-to-One talk

No one likes to make a deal with people you never heard of before. That's why I am always available for call or text.

Fast Realization

Soon after making a deal, I will build a prototype and when you approve it, project will be done in a few days.

touch of my imagination

In every project I make, I give my best to ensure that every piece of content is unique and good-looking.

I'm here for you

I mean it. Even after the realization of the project, I am always available if you have any question.

You probably know by now : )
my name is Filip

So far you have seen my capabilities of creating stunning digital content – whether is it video editing or web design.

I Provide All kinds of services for Better Work Environment

Everything is in one place. (unless you choose otherwise)

For example, if you need a website, I will also provide you cheap hosting service with more than 99.9% of server uptime. All in house! You don’t have to search for additional agency for yet another service. My job is to make all this easier for you. You just want your website. You should not waste additional time after the website is over searching for hosting provider. You simply need it online! That’s why I provide everything “in house”. Whatever you need, I’m here.

"In house" services
Variety of choices
Anything You Need

My job is to make your job easier. Everything you need is "in house".

denny-muller-JyRTi3LoQnc-unsplash (1)
Friendly Price Package

Hosting as little as 10€ (cca. 10$) per month. If paid annually, it's even cheaper.

"In house" web hosting

What does “in house” mean?

Cambridge Dictionary defines it as: “Something that is done in-house is done within an organization or business by its employees rather than by other people.”

It means that you don’t have to waste additional time after your website is designed. You don’t need to look for another company to host your website. I will host it for you at an affordable price. That means that everything is done in house. From discussion, prototype, design, support and hosting. I am here for you.

You can rely on me
Everything simplified

a portion of my work: